Courses & Class Schedule

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Creative!

Classes at the Academy include all art forms. Students work with all kinds of media from paint and charcoal to paper drawings. They learn to express themselves through creative writing that includes short stories and poetry. Acting, public speaking and personal expression opportunities are abundant. Music Movement of all types - free style dancing, hula-hooping, frisbee-throwing, yoga and all kinds of exerise are a part of every class. Weather allowing, many activities will be done outside in our large green space. Field trips to grocery stores, thrift shops and other places serve as learning tools for developing life skills. And speaking of life skills ... we cover them all, from learning how to shop and cook, to balancing a checkbook and reading a lease, to working well with others, managing anxiety, and conflict resolution. Our evidence-based Botvin life skills program is comprehensive in scope. To learn more about our courses, scroll down. 

Art-full Expressions

Art allows students to reach into their creativity and bring forth a unique expression of who they are within their deeper selves. Our Art classes range from creative expression using paper, canvas, paint, clay, charcoal and more to the development of poems, short stories, and other creative modalities. Story-telling and role-playing are a common part of our package. Students interact with each other in new ways, helping them find and develop skills they never had. Our lead Art Therapy teacher, Rachael Maly, has worked with adolescents and teens in the CCID school systems for the last 19 years (as of 2020).

Movement & Stillness

Our Movement and Stillness programs allow students to really get in touch with their bodies, their breath, and their health. Movement modalities such as hula-hoop, free-style dance, fitness exercises, frisbee, and simple yoga postures take students out of their heads and technology and into the physical and expressive realms of their very own dynamic and ever-changing physical selves. Relaxation and focusing techniques are also key aspects of our Movement program, teaching students how to relax and focus, finding their still-points. These practices result in a much better quality of life and reduced stress and anxiety. Our lead teacher is Dr. Lola Scarborough, PhD., an accredited Yoga & Fitness instructor with over 22 years in the field of yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, and life coaching.

Life Skills Training & Successful Outcomes

Making good choices can be a pretty rocky climb for all of us, but it can be an especially acute one for young people. Research shows that life skills training can favorably impact the lack of critical decision-making skills of young people. Depression, acting out, apathy, low achievement, and/or drug and alcohol use in teens and young adults can be caused by feelings of not having control or power over their lives, and/or as a result of poor decision-making or coping skills. Our evidence-based life skills programs have been shown to successfully work across a wide spectrum of needs encountered by youth heading into early adulthood. Our well-rounded program includes a cognitive component, self improvement component, a decision-making component, an anxiety-coping component and a social skills training component. Rachael Maly and Dr. Lola Scarborough co-lead these programs. 

Want to join the classes?


   Below is our class schedule. Students can register for just one class per week on Wednesday or on Friday, OR can register to take both Wednesday and Friday.
 *Our first semester is September 9-November 6, 2020 on Wednesday and/or Friday afternoons.  
     *Our second semester is November 11, 2020-January 22, 2021 on Wednesday and/or Friday afternoons. (Breaks are scheduled  for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays.)
     *Our third semester is January 27-April 2, 2021 on Wednesdays and/or Friday afternoons. (Breaks are scheduled for Spring  Break.)
Tuition costs are shown on the registration page.